Thursday, July 28, 2011

We Miss you, Martha!

A couple weeks ago we said goodbye to some dear friends, the Villegas family. We have known them for almost the whole 2 years we have been here. Shortly after we moved in Todd became a ward missionary and during that time Martha and her husband, Reynaldo, and Martha's daughter, Jocelyn were baptized. Although Martha spoke very little English and I speak NO Spanish we became close friends.

Martha and her daughters Jocelyn and Michelle at our goodbye picnic.
Not pictured: New baby Martha Rochel--such a sweet little baby, and looks just like her daddy.

Alexis (neighbor), Henry and Michelle

Ahhhh, so sweet.

While Martha and I chatted the kiddos walked up and down the streets taking turns in the little red car. They were so sweet with each other, sharing and playing.

They are dear to us and we miss them!

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