Thursday, February 23, 2012

Accessory Man

Little One loves wearing accessories.
Hats, sunglasses, mittens, his blue blanket, to name a few.
The one thing he doesn't really like wearing: his coat.
Thankfully it's warming up a bit!

Requesting cereal. Life's his favorite. Some days he can eat 3 bowls for breakfast.

The new word he learned today is: please.

He wanted a cupcake after dinner like the rest of us. He asked by reaching, opening and closing his hand and looking intently at the cupcakes while rocking and saying, "Ma ma ma ma ma . . . "I pointed to the cupcakes and said, "Say please." He stopped rocking and sat looking at the cupcake. It looked like he was concentrating so hard. "Pees," he said quietly. "Sure!" and I handed him a cupcake. We were so proud, and he grinned from ear to ear. It was darling. He then repeated "pees" probably five times while enjoying his cupcake.

Things he also says:
It's a bus!
There's a bus! (He LOVES buses. Loves them.)
Nena (Henry)
ain (train)
eh-pain (airplane)
he shakes his head "no"
mat (Mater)
moo and other animal sounds (for pig, dog, sheep, horse, tiger and any other thing that roars)

Theo's such a kick--we can't get enough of him.


Rachel said...

Oh that newsboy cap is to die for on him. Such a cutie!

mildred said...

I'm impressed that he keeps his sunglasses on. I can never get Sam to wear his. Go Theo!

The Whipples said...

Rachel! Theo is so cute (and growing up)! He has changed so much since I saw him last. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys in May...especially Theo :)