Thursday, February 16, 2012

Henry's First Talk in Primary

Last Sunday Henry gave his first talk in Primary.

Todd helped him prepare Sunday morning. I was off at a meeting and when I came home I found Henry standing up to a homemade podium with a hand-drawn audience. He was practicing his talk. He was confident and calm and actually seemed pleased with himself. He was so excited, and it was fun to watch him. To help him feel comfortable we all took turns standing up to our homemade podium and giving "talks" that we made up.

Todd drew the Primary audience on our whiteboard so Henry could feel comfortable talking to a bunch of faces, and not shy away.

He named some of his friends:
Grace, Jessica, Benjamin, Alaster, Spencer . . .

This was taken after church when he was feeling less agreeable.
He looked much more pleasant for the real deal.

The theme for the month is: When I choose the right, I am blessed. Henry and Todd worked together to come up with the contents of the talk, and they put together a series of pictures for Henry to look at to prompt him. He glanced at a picture then looked up at everyone and told the story. It was so cute.

First he talked about Nephi and how he chose the right by being obedient to the Lord by building a ship, and Nephi and his family were blessed by making it to the promised land.

Henry shared how he chose the right when he helped Theodore be safe on the stairs while I was busy, and Theo was blessed because he didn't get hurt--and everyone was happy.

He closed by sharing a story called, A Gift for Billy.

He did a great job. It was darling.
It sure is a good thing he gets his public speaking skills from Daddy-O.


Derrek & Rilee said...

Jillian had a talk a few weeks ago and she was so excited! She was doing so well and then she made a little mistake and one of the adults laughed at her and it all went down hill from there. It sounds like he had a great talk! Are you going to for the 24th? I'm hoping to make it but the baby will only be a few weeks old and we aren't sure we want to travel that far with a newborn. But I would love to see you!

Emily Savage said...

I can't get enough of that podium picture with the fake audience!! What a brilliant idea. It seems like he was very calm and collected for his very first talk :). Way to go, Henry!