Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Shark?!

Henry started swim lessons this summer from our awesome neighbor and friend, Emily. We love her.
He has had 4 personal lessons and has come such a long way! Though Henry has always loved to swim he has always had a pretty big fear of putting his face in the water or attempting to swim on his own. He hates life jackets and floaties so he has spent most of his time in the kiddie pool. The kiddie pool has been lots of fun, but he was ready to make the step to the big pool and swim lessons would help him get there. 
He went from barely being able to touch his face to the water at his first lesson to walking across the big pool by himself at his 4th lesson. The water goes right above his lips and he braves it all the way across. We are so proud of him!! 
We checked out a book from the library called, Fozzie Never Gives Up (it's a baby Muppets one) about Fozzie trying out for the swim team. Fozzie practiced his strokes in his bed and dreamed about swimming in his soup. Henry read this book over and over again and wanted to be just like Fozzie, he even claimed to dream that he was swimming in his alphabet soup, and I did find him practicing his soldier and frog legs in his bed. 

At his last lesson Emily said that he is now at shark level. Shark?! Seriously? Already? 
So cool.

A little about Henry:
Emily has also said that Henry's motions, specifically his frog legs and ice cream scoops, are so precise. She says she's never seen a 4 year old so exact in his movement. It didn't surprise me at all. That's totally Henry for ya. When he learns a new skill he has to do it perfectly. So much so that before he has perfected whatever he is trying to do, he won't let you see him attempt to do it. I've found that he won't perform for anyone, not even me, but I catch him practicing in private. 
Emily has brought out the little swimmer in him. It's so fun. 
Despite his shyness in showing his new-found skills, he was so excited after his last lesson where he was declared a shark, he hopped in the pool that evening and showed Todd and I all of his moves. It was so fun to see. He kept jumping in, walking/hopping to the edge, over and over again. He even said, "Mom! I got water in my eyes, and I'm okay!" Amazing.
I love the confidence that he has gained in this experience! Thanks, Emily!

P.S. Theo likes sunglasses and cookies.


Rachel said...

Theo looks so cool in those shades!

sarah e. said...

Love these!

Also, love your "winnie the pooh" style telling of the big party. So cute.

And congrats on your news! Three is fun...crazy fun! :)