Sunday, August 12, 2012

French Braids and Freezer Meals

Hello All!

Things have been a bit crazy at our house. This past week (or so) we:

1) returned from a 15 day trip to UT, which was SO awesome but a little challenging to recover from
2) helped Theodore have and recover from surgery
3) got our car fixed . . . twice because we . . .
4) made a trip to St. Louis and had to have our car fixed before we left, and then were unfortunate enough to have it break down on the way home (BUT, luckily we had some dear friends stop and help us get to a mechanic, get checked into a hotel, and we got to get in some Olympics--live).
5) we also made a second quick trip to St. Louis which turned out to be car-failure-free, and very fun
6) and we're also beginning the process of de-cluttering and packing for our move in Sept.

After it all, I've discovered that my camera battery charger is AWOL. Alas, no pictures--yet--to share of our fun trip to UT. I would like to share two things, though, in the mean time.

We are having a GIRL!!
Yes! A girl!!! We can't wait. I know you're all wondering, have they thought of a name? And, yes, and we've come to a decision, and we absolutely adore it. So much so that we'll share it with you right now.

She will be Mabel Lorraine. Doesn't it have such a nice ring to it?

I love the name Mabel, and have since I heard it for the first time in high school. One of my cheer-friends (we were on the same cheer squad) was nick-named Mabel by her brother. I thought it was cute and asked her why since her name sounds nothing like Mabel. She rolled her eyes and answered with chagrin, "My brother teases me. My grandma's name is Mabel and she's . . . a really big lady."

Oh, brothers.

So, even though I knew she wasn't too fond of the nick-name I took mental note and secretly adored it. Though I also love a few other girl names I just believe this little lady is our Mabel.

Lorraine is my mother's name. I think it's fun and pretty, and just flows off Mabel. Don't you think?

Anyway, the other thing I want to share is a link to my friend's new blog: French Braids & Freezer Meals. The blog creator is my good friend, Emily. She's amazing. So beautiful. So brilliant. So talented. So admirable. You can browse her blog and read mom tips from many of her, and my, friends.

That's all for now, folks!


Meg Morley Walter said...

Girl! I'm thrilled for you.

Rachel said...

Hooray! Happy baby girl Freestone!

P.S. Where are you moving??

Brittney Richards said...

Yeah!! A girl!! That's exciting. And Todd said he didn't think he would ever have a girl. Serves him right :) I'm excited for you. Fun name.

Alysa said...

i love the name Mabel Lorraine! I was hoping you would pick Mabel. It is just perfect.

Added bonus: if someone says "how's the weather?" you can say "Mabel Lorraine." hehe :D

Nate and KayLyn said...

Yay--I knew you would be having a girl this time. Girls are so fun!

Lindsey said...

Congrats on having a girl! That is so exciting! I remember Sara Jane's nickname too and I think it's an adorable name.

mildred said...

Yessss!!!!! I love it.

mildred said...

p.s. that's a HUGE compliment to Sara Jane

Erin said...

YAY!! A girl!! I hope your car stays fixed. I hate multiple trips to the mechanic, especially if it's not a short distance away. Also, Theo had surgery? Poor guy!

Rachel and Todd said...

Thanks, friends! I'm glad you like the name, too.

Alysa, you're too funny. I never thought of that. :)

Erin, yes, he was circumcised and it was not fun. Poor guy. He's much better now.

A and N said...

I'm so excited for you! I love her name, I"m sure she'll be darling! Anytime you ever need help in St Louis don't hesitate to call us!

Cassie Lynn said...

Congrats on having a girl! So exciting!