Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Forts of Sorts

A little while ago we were trapped inside due to a crazy winter storm. We made an awesome large bed sheet fort in the living room where the boys would play and where we read many chapters of James in the Giant Peach. 
I guess I didn't take pictures of that fort, but I did take some pictures of our mini forts--also known by the boys as "secret hide-outs".

This one is made out of Mabel's bouncer and blanket. I couldn't believe they both fit under there comfortably. They would peek and sneak out every so often to "catch the bad guys".

Below the boys are "in action" (everything in quotes is that way because it's what the boys say). Their dialogue can be pretty funny sometimes. Their most recent sayings are:
Quick as a wink - Henry
Um . . . but . . . - Theo (I think he's trying to sound like an adult)
A tinker's toot - Henry (originally from The Trunchfull from Matilda)
I'm afraid! - Theo
Anyway . . . 
the boys in action:

Random note on fort day.
I curled my hair and wore my 1950s nerd glasses. Ever since I've had a girl I feel like being more girly. Like I've gotta show my baby that I do know how to be a girl when I feel like it. 
Yes, sweetheart, some days I do do my hair, and try not to look scrubby. 
I look forward to the day I can do your hair, baby Mabes!

(Photo compliments of Theo)

And here's the kitchen fort. It was made out of our red wagon and brooms. 
It was more like a ship than a fort and the boys sailed the ocean blue.

Oh, happy day. Oh, happy forts.

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