Saturday, October 26, 2013


If there's one word I could use to describe Mabel it's

Mabel's now almost 10 months. 
She can crawl.
She has two little teeth and she likes to stick her tongue out to feel them. 
With them she eats any kind of bean, large curd cottage cheese, apples, oatmeal (the adult kind, not the baby powder stuff), avocado, carrots, peas, daal, and pizza (she's a Freestone). 
When she wakes from a nap and I go in to take her out of her crib she's sitting up and she'll say, "Ma!"
Also, she loves to swim and splash in the bath.

Ready to be overloaded with Mabel goodness? 

She laughs easily when any big kids talk to her, and she laughs easily when she tries to roll away or crawl away from me when I'm changing her diaper.

She loves to swing at the park, and watch the kids play.

Can you find Mabel?

Ope, there she is. She appears to be a little overstimulated.

Mabel in a particularly kicky mood. 
The middle picture reminds me a lot of baby pictures of me and my sister.

Mabel can go from super silly to serious in seconds.
She also really loves her friend, Mason. They've been pals since birth.

She's willing to put up a fight, though, for a water bottle.

Though Mabel is so sweet and angelic, I've learned one new thing about her recently.
She is one tough cookie.

Last week I took the children to get flu shots. I decided we'd start with me and go on down--ending with the cryers. Henry's known for being particularly tough, and never crying for shots. He was stoic as I expected. I was curious to see how Theo would respond following Henry. When Theo was poked his eyes widened and watered a bit and he looked up at me and said, "Ow." We all cheered for him. Then, it was Mabel's turn. The nurse exposed her chubby thigh and gave her a good poke.
Mabel didn't even flinch!
She was already sucking on her binky and just went right on sucking. We walked out of the clinic and no one was crying. It was amazing!

I think she can thank her brothers for her toughness.
It's called exposure therapy.

We love her so much. 


Bonnie said...

She is adorable! I love her expressions, and that she looks like your boys, but still feminine. Is it nice that your kids all look like a set?

I love the yellow blanket she's sitting on in the pictures by the playground. So lovely.

Ashlee said...

Oh that Mabel! She is so danged cute! Too many favorite pictures to choose. Maybe the ones in the hat? Or the one of her watching the kids at the playground? Or just the first one all in white? So sweet. And YES... Angelic!

And I never said so, but that first picture of Theo in his preschool post KILLED me.

Aubrey said...

She for sure is angelic. And I LOVE her faces :)

Meg Morley Walter said...

I love her.

Rachel and Todd said...

Bonnie - I'll tell my mother-in-law. She made the blanket/tablecloth. I like it, too. Yes--it's fun having them look so much alike. Their differences are fun, too. :)
Ash - Thanks, you're so sweet. I do love that picture of Theo, too. And you know? He put the pencil behind his ear and the glass on all by himself. I wasn't trying to make him look studious just for the picture.
Aubrey - And so is Mason! I love that little guy.
Meg - I hope she follows in Ivy's footsteps.

Rachel said...

She really is too cute! I want to kiss her little cheeks!

Alysa Stewart said...

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe nobody cried for the flu shot! That is amazing!!! Levi and I had the flu-mist nasal spray this year. It was awesome.

Oh, Mabel! I love that girl! Just the other day I caught Jubilee at a certain angle and thought "she looks like Mabel did, at her age!"