Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mim came to town and so did the reddest leaves

So, after all of the fuss making Henry the best pirate ever, he decided to go trick or treating as a vampire; and, he was a fantastic vampire.
Here is Henry reliving Halloween night a few days later. Many of you know Henry well, and know that he wears a costume, if not multiple costumes a day. He's quite the (or many-a) character(s).

This leafy day, in particular, was quite warm. It was the Monday after Halloween (I think) and we had gone for a walk to visit our friend, Phylis. On our way back home we noticed the grass was blanketed so nicely with bright red leaves. 

We had to play.

 With Theo's coat on, the muscle men were ready to pile up some leaves . . .

And the damsel watched . . .

They piled 'em up and romped!!

 I said some silly joke trying to get them to smile . . . it worked! 

 Theo even created leaf angels. 

My camera doesn't quite do justice on the redness of the leaves, but it was gorgeous!

Little Miss Mabel Smiles. 
Her recent favorite toy can be seen in the bottom left corner: A lightning McQueen flashlight. She loves that thing and carries it around whenever she can.

And while I'm at it, let's remember the HUGE pile of leaves in our front yard. This was just minutes before the lawn care people came and sucked them all up. One last hurrah!

 He is in the pile somewhere

 He emerged . . . 

Yay for fall! I'd say this fall was one of the best yet in Illinois.

Over Halloween weekend we were delighted to have our Mim in town! 
We took her with us to Theo's preschool, Henry's storybook parade (of which I have no pictures, sadly, I forgot my camera!), a lunch date with Todd on campus at the yummy Bevier Cafe, trick-or-treating, to a storytelling festival at Urbana's landmark hotel, out to dinner, and shopping. 
It was loads of fun. 

Thanks for the wonderful visit!

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Ashlee said...

The red leaves WERE especially dazzling this year weren't they!

I love the shot of Mabel holding the lightning mcqueen flashlight. She looks so feminine and sweet and yet SO much like Theo!!!