Sunday, April 20, 2014

On a Snow Day

The cold, cold days this winter called for a couple snow days at school. On those days it was even too cold to play outside in the snow or venture to the library or indoor playground. So what did we do all day long with 3 kiddos in the house? Well, lots of things.

One day I put the kids to work earning tickets for a homemade candy store. They earned tickets by doing "fun" things like: writing letters to grandmas and grandpas, putting their clothes away, putting toys away, making their beds, cleaning the toilet (fun--ha!), and others I can't remember. They "worked" for a good couple of hours in the morning. Then we ate lunch and opened our candy store, which also included popcorn and hot chocolate. They made their candy bags and purchased candy with their hard earned tickets. Then we ate the candy and had a reading party. It was a big hit.

Over those cold weeks we also did a lot of art work--painting, coloring, and molding with clay. We also did a lot of reading, making music (even Mabel tried her hand at it!), napping, and dancing. Oh, and we sure watched a movies and played the Wii. 

 I love this one of Mabel chowing down on the popcorn. 

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